Concealed Carry Course Information

Happy New Year to all of our Friends, Family, Clients and Customers. 2013 has been a great year for us. We have raised a lot of money for GREAT Causes. We gave away 86 guns under cost as well as accessory inventory thrown in, we bought and gave away 7 cars, we paid to repair 6 cars, we paid 15 Mortgage payments, we gave away several thousand dollars in food, we supported several auctions with donated inventory, and last but not least (I am sure that I have forgotten other projects), we created 25 jobs by using the money made from Concealed Carry classes instead of taking the profit and using it as a get rich quick scheme. Lastly, we gave away all of our money by Christmas day. That was the best Christmas present I ever gave myself.


Our customers are to thank for all that we have been able to do. You all deserve all of the blessings that you ask for. Without you, none of this would be possible. We have had so much fun with all of you this year and look forward to another great year with you all. You have all inspired us to be better people as well as a better business.


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Happy New Year to all of you and we look forward to an even better 2014

Why pay over $200.00 for a Concealed Carry Class to someone that has minimum experience and Training Credentials? Why take a class from someone that is only in it for the money? Come into our class where you can be taught by a Police Firearms Instructor that is also a Use of Force Instructor. Here at Atwood Guns, we are about the information, not the cash. That is why you can get your class here for less than $200.00 for the full 16 hour class which includes your food and range fee. A Percentage of all proceeds paid will always go to Charities all over the country. Call Atwood Guns located Downtown Atwood, IL. 217-578-3333 and as always, we do not require a non-refundable deposit. We TRUST our students.

We have now set up a Concealed Carry Application computer in the store to assist our customers with the application process. It will be on a first come first serve basis.


We are done with the Certification Process and have 3 of 5 of our Instructors Certified and on the ISP website. Please check back with us for updates on our Curriculum Approval process.


We have set up a phone line for Concealed Carry Class reservations and information. The number is 217-578-3702 or feel free to call the store.

How Do I Choose a Concealed Carry Instructor?

Thoughts to ponder when selecting a Concealed Carry Class


Your life, freedom, and possessions are at risk. You need to think about this. Do you want to take a class from someone that has minimum qualifications or has just started teaching, or do you want to take a class from someone with decades of experience teaching this type of class? You decide what your freedom, life, and possessions are worth.


Should you consider taking a class from someone who teaches Police Officers and other professionals, or someone who does not?


Taking a class about concealed carry, it is smart to take a class from an instructor who carries a gun for a living.


If you desire to take a Concealed Carry course that is being taught by someone only certified by the NRA, be sure that they have enough credentials to actually be qualified to teach a protection class. The credentials that I am talking about is Basic Pistol, Inside the Home Protection, and Outside the Home Protection. If they have all 3 credentials, then they have been taught Use of Force laws and legal aspects that someone with just a Basic Pistol would not have had the experience with the Legal Aspects.


Remember, there is a difference between “certified” instructors and “qualified” instructors. Certified is a minimum standard as qualified is not only certified, but that instructor has actual knowledge and experience with the subject matter, as well as several years of teaching the discipline.


Choosing and instructor that has been involved in Use of Force situations is always advisable. Learning what happens after the Use of Force event is invaluable.